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About Us

Established: 2005

Designers: Nicole Nannetti

Photographer: John Smith at http://jwsphotos1.com/home.html

Charisma and Class.
Beauty; inside and out.
Seamingly Sisters is ready to make a beautiful handmade work of art that allows you to say.."I am here. And I am here to stay."

We started in 2005 under the name HeadTrip Designs in Naperville, IL. We have since come a long way to incoporate not only clothing but jewelry, hair accessories, gift baskets, and other works of art. Our products are wearable art, personalized by you!


Meet Designer Nicole Nannetti


Started designing clothing in 2004 when she was 16 years old. She then turned her passion into profit by making prom and homecoming dresses. Her love of fashion only continued to grow through her classes at Michigan State University and Illinois State University. She graduated Illinois State Unversity with a degree in Accounting and combined her love of business and fashion to form Seamingly Sisters.