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How Custom Products Work

We make custom ordering easy! Some steps may vary depending on which product you are ordering but we are always available for support and respond within 24 hours.


Step One: Pick your product

Step Two: Pick which options suit your style. If available, a picture with come up with the area you are editing highlighted. Ex. If you are picking a new skirt option, the skirt will be highlighted. Please use the additional info section of the product to put any special requests you may have (ex. if you choose a holiday theme put which holiday(s) you want)

If you are using patterns or themes the color will be the background of the pattern and the accent color will be the foreground. (ex. if you choose a polka dot pattern with the color blue and the accent color white, your fabric will be blue with white polka dots.)

Step Three: Most products will have a choice to have your final swatches and product emailed, mailed, or text messaged to you. After you receive the final swatches, you will have 5 business days to make any final edits.

Step Four: Wait for your one-of-a-kind product to arrive on your doorstep! The average amount of time for your product to be created will be in the product description.

Don't forget, have fun and unleash your creativity!


Can't find the dress of your dreams? Design your own! Email nicole@seaminglysisters.com for details.